Booth Activity Analytics [Attendee View]


The new and improved Booth Activity Analytics allows both event attendees and booth representatives to have an elevated virtual experience. The enhanced insights pull key data on chats that help attendees and representatives better manage their time and expectations during a virtual event. 

Attendee View


From the event lobby, attendees are able to see the total number of Participants Waiting to Chat and the number of representatives available. 

Once entering a booth, attendees can additionally see Your Spot in Line which is their personalized wait time information and also the Average Chat Duration.


Note: Your Spot in Line is calculated from the moment an attendee selects to get in line to chat and will take 60 seconds to calculate. It will refresh every minute.

See separate article for Booth Representative View.


Why aren’t the Booth Activity Analytics showing?

There are some booths in which Booth Activity Analytics do not apply:

  • Networking Booths
  • Live Video Broadcast Booths (Brazen Live)
  • Certain booths may display "Not available" for Your Spot in Line due to settings enabled in the booth that impact the queue. When this happens the “Learn more” tooltip will note that the settings prevent generating Your Spot in Line.

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