Troubleshooting Audio & Video for BrazenLive Video Broadcast and 1-on-1 Video Chats

Is your audio & video not working?

Before you run any tests, let's make sure of the following:

  • Do you have other apps and tabs open? Try closing out of any unnecessary applications or windows, refreshing your page, and trying again.

  • How is your Internet connectivity? Weak connections can often create disruptions in audio and video. In order to address this issue, try getting a hard wired connection or switching to an alternative Internet source.

  • Is your browser up to date? Make sure you have the latest version of your browser. We recommend using Chrome, but Brazen also supports Firefox, Safari and MS Edge. 

  • Is your camera, mic and screen share enabled? Review your browser settings to make sure your browser can have access to your camera, mic and screen share. Also, check your device settings to make sure your audio, camera and screen settings are set to the preferred channels.

  • See more in-depth information on technical requirements.

If you continue to have audio and video issues, then...


Let's test your system.

By running the following two service checks, you can self-diagnose whether you have a technical issue. If so, these checks will help identify what issue may be regarding.

  1. Run the very quick Brazen Service Check
    • If the results show all green check marks, your system has passed!
    • If the results show any cautionary marks (red circles and orange triangles), review what may have to be addressed:
      • If your system fails the "Cookies enabled" and "Local storage enabled" service checks, then you will need to update the browser settings to enable cookies or local storage.
      • If your system fails the “Events Platform” service check, whitelist the Brazen live event platform.
      • For all other failed checks, Brazen Support can help you resolve the issue. Please copy the orange link at the top of your service check page (see image) and include the link in your request for assistance

  2. Run the 30-second Vonage Service Check
    (Vonage powers Brazen’s audio and video features.)
    • Make sure to select "Run Test." It takes 30 seconds.
    • Based on the results, it will make recommendations on the expected audio/video quality, and it will provide steps to troubleshoot any issues.
    • If you need assistance interpreting the results or addressing the issue, Brazen Support can help you resolve the issue.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page to select “Save this data as simple text."
      • Copy the text results and paste the results when submitting your request for assistance.
    • For additional information about IP ranges on which Vonage communications occur, see the Audio & Video technical requirements.
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