Booth Copy Requests

For Brazen Admins Only

As a courtesy to our clients, we provide a limited number of booth copy services for administrators of Brazen Events. To request booths to be copied from one event to another upcoming event, please follow these instructions:

    1. Download this template and complete this document completely. Any missing information may result in delays to the timeline outlined below.
    2. Save the template in an excel file in the the following format: 
      • CLIENT NAME - Booth Copy - Date Submitted
    3. Email the completed template to with “Booth Copy Request” in the email subject line. 
    4. Please see table below for expected timing for completion.
    5. Once our team has completed the booth copy requests, they will reach out via email to your original spreadsheet.


Due to the volume of requests, we kindly request that you submit booth requests as soon as possible. If you have an urgent request, please contact us with the completed template and we will make every effort to accommodate. 


Booth Owners

If you are a booth owner who would like to copy over a booth from one Brazen event from Client A to an upcoming Brazen event for Client B, please reach out to the organizer of the upcoming event for Client B to make the request event on your behalf.


Estimated Timeline for Completion

Number of Booths

Estimated Timeline for Completion

Up to 10 booths

3 business days

Up to 20 booths

5 business days

Up to 50 booths

10 business days

More than 50 booths

Please reach out to for estimated timeline to complete


Please note the timing for completion is an estimate and factors such as volume of requests may impact these dates. We will notify you if the request cannot be completed in the estimated time frames listed above.


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