Booth Tagging

Booth Tagging Overview

Tagging booths is a way to organize the booths in your event and help attendees find the appropriate booth for them to chat. By applying booth tags such as location, job category, experience level, employment type and more, attendees at your event can use the advanced booth search feature to filter booths by these tags and then get in line to chat as shown in the video below.


Adding Booth Tag Categories to your event

In order to tag booths you must first add Booth Tag Categories to your event. This then allows the Admin or Booth Owner to tag their booth using the available categories. Follow the steps below to add Booth Tag Categories. 

After your event has been created: 

  1. Navigate to the BOOTHS > Booth Tags screen
  2. Choose from one or both tag category options below to make available to tag booths with.
    • Predefined Categories: These categories have set values available to tag booths. The values cannot be edited. Using Predefined Categories is a great method for keeping tags uniform across the event.  




  • Custom Categories: These categories create more flexible tagging options by allowing free text tags. This is best when you have unique tags you’d like to add to booths.



Once Tag Categories have been saved, the Admin or Booth Owner will see the option to tag their booth for each available category on the Booth SETTINGS screen. 

Adding Booth Tags

Once Booth Tag Categories have been added to the event, Admins and/or Booth Owners will have the option to tag their booth using the available tag categories by:

  1. Navigating to the SETTINGS screen of the appropriate booth 
  2. Scrolling to the “Add Booth Tags” section
  3. Selecting the tagging category from drop down menu and choosing the appropriate tags either via drop down menu (for Predefined Categories) or by using free text (for Custom Categories)
  4. Clicking SAVE



On the Manage Booths screen, you’ll also be able to scroll through and view which of your booths currently have at least one tag.




Booth Tagging Best Practices

Tagging booths becomes especially important as the number of booths in your event increases. This does not mean you’ll need a high number of tags for each booth, usually a few simple tags to help narrow down the available booths is all that is necessary. 

When applying Tagging Categories to the event and Tags to a booth, think about what the candidate will likely want to search for in order to chat with the appropriate Representative. A common search method for job seekers would be to look for jobs that: 

  1. Are in their geographic area
  2. Are in a job category of interest
  3. Match their experience level
  4. Match the employment type they are seeking (full time, part time, etc.)

By using just a few tags for each booth, like the examples above, candidates can easily exclude booths that are not applicable and enter the booths that do match their search to learn more. 


Additional Info on Booth Tagging: 

  • The same tag from a Predefined Category can only be added to a booth once
  • Booth Owners have the ability to tag their booth but only using the Tag Categories added by the Admin
  • While not recommended, each booth can support up to 50 tags per category
  • State is a required field when saving location, however city is not required
  • Deleting or removing a Tag Category from an event will also remove all associated booth tags in the event from that category 
  • You can rearrange the order of Custom Categories on the Booth Tags screen to dictate the order, from top to bottom, in which they will appear in the drop down menu of the Advanced Booth Search menu in the event


Tags Available for Predefined Categories 

The following is a list of Predefined Categories with the available tags to add to booths. These tags are not editable. It is recommended to use Custom Categories if the tags for these Predefined Categories do not fit your event.     


  • Location (US and Canada)
      • State: US States and Canadian Provinces available 
      • City: Free text field
  • Location (International)
      • Country: 
      • City: Free text field
  • Job Category
      • Accounting & Finance
      • Administrative
      • Arts, Entertainment & Publishing
      • Banking & Loans
      • Construction & Facilities
      • Customer Service
      • Education & Training
      • Engineering & Architecture
      • Government & Military
      • Healthcare
      • Computer & Internet
      • Hospitality & Travel
      • Human Resources
      • Insurance
      • Law Enforcement & Security
      • Legal
      • Manufacturing & Mechanical
      • Marketing, Advertising & PR
      • Non-Profit & Volunteering
      • Pharmaceutical & Bio-tech
      • Real Estate
      • Restaurant & Food Service
      • Retail
      • Sales
      • Telecommunications
      • Transportation & Logistics
      • Upper Management & Consulting
  • Experience Level
      • Senior Executive
      • Executive
      • Senior Manager
      • Manager
      • Experienced
      • Mid Level
      • Entry Level
      • Student
  • Employment Type
      • Full Time
      • Part Time
      • Temporary
      • Contract
      • Seasonal
      • Internship
  • Security Clearance
      • None
      • Confidential
      • Secret
      • Top Secret
      • TS/SCI
      • TS/SCI with Polygraph (CI, FS, FSP)
      • Other
  • Pay Schedule
    • Annually
    • Monthly
    • Weekly
    • Daily
    • Hourly
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