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We’re all accustomed to ensuring in-person events are accessible to everyone, regardless of abilities or means. While the barriers may be different, the same inclusiveness applies to virtual events too. Brazen has built its platform to make sure that everyone who wants to be at your event, can be! 

Accessibility to people with varying resources

Not everyone has a brand new, expensive high-speed computer. Not everyone has access to a computer or WIFI all the time. No worries! Brazen runs on many different browsers and is optimized to run on a smartphone too. 


Accessibility to people with various tech backgrounds

We recognize that everyone has varying degrees of experience with technology. That’s why we’ve made sure our software is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

People of all ages and different backgrounds have found Brazen very user-friendly. We guide users through each action with step by step guidance and include links to instructional text where appropriate. Additionally, we have a dedicated support team for all users of our platform including our customers, their attendees, or third-party users (end-users), including user support documentation and videos available on our website. 

Here’s what participants will receive by email when they register:





Here’s what participants will see before they enter the event:



Accessibility to people with visual impairments

Brazen is committed to maintaining accessibility on core chat features via screen readers (specifically JAWS) and keyboard navigation. While there are many combinations of operating systems, browsers and screen readers (all of which affect accessibility performance), we have specifically targeted the most common set up. For more details on our screen readers and keyboard navigation integrations and which features that can be used in a Brazen event, see this section.

To accommodate individuals with color blindness, our platform gives the hosts the ability to customize the colors in the events to be set to contrasting colors. 

Accessibility to people with hearing impairments

All of our chats can be text-based, which doesn’t require audio. If a user is invited to video chat, they have the option to continue via a text-based chat.

For events featuring a live video broadcast, users can enable closed captions. While BrazenLive does not produce closed captions itself, users can enable closed captions during a broadcast by using Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. More information on how to do this has been documented in this article.

Additional information and best practices:


  • Multi-Select Type Controls: These are inherently not fully keyboard accessible and it is recommended that these controls be avoided on registration forms for events expecting users with accessibility needs.  A good substitute is a group of checkboxes.
  • Chat Notifications: If a user switches focus from Brazen tab (goes to another tab in browser), and receives a new message, they will not hear the new messages. They will hear a ding that a new message arrived. Once they focus back on Brazen tab, they will hear new messages from the other user as well as their own messages. They can tab backwards to read the messages.
  • Hidden Elements: There are elements which are intentionally hidden from screen readers because they are presentational only or because we do not yet support accessibility features for them. However, using tricks of the screen reader software, users are sometimes able to access these elements. Once a user enters one of these unsupported areas, they may or may not be able to interact with the page and/or may become stuck in a dead-end.


Screen Readers and Keyboard Navigation:

Browsers we support for screen readers and keyboard navigation:

  • Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer 11
    • IE11 accessibility support is superior to MS Edge
  • Jaws 18
    • Default voice only
    • Note: This was the most recent JAWS version to be tested

Details on Supported Features

The following core features are supported via screen readers and keyboard navigation:

  • Landing Screens
  • Reset Password Sequence (limited)
  • Login
  • Registration and Registration Confirmation
  • Welcome Slides
  • Lobby
  • Booth
  • Chat (all features necessary to conduct a single chat at a time)
  • Ability to set a greeting
    • Reading of emojis in chat messages
    • Writing emojis with short names
  • Rate Chat
  • Error Screen (accessibility users are able to return to their event after a full-stop error)
  • User Home

The following features are not core to the virtual event user experience and are currently not supported:

  • Identify Peer Group
  • Edit Account
  • Change Password
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Multi-Chat
    • Setting status as "away"
    • Engaging in more than one simultaneous chat
  • Video/Audio chat
  • Emoji pop-up picker
  • Chat History
  • Opportunities/SmartQueue
  • Representative experience
  • Control Center (except basic features of User Home)
  • Mobile Experience
  • Job Req Plugin and Career Site Plugin
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