Attendee: Joining Video/Audio Chat

During your text chat you may also be invited by the Representative to video or audio chat. You will have the option to accept the invitation to begin video or audio chatting or to decline and continue the text chat. 


Accepting an Audio/Video Invitation

To engage in a video or audio chat with a representative, enter the booth as you normally would and begin chatting through text. When the representative invites you to an audio or video chat, you’ll see a notification pop up on your screen asking if you’d like to accept or decline the invitation.




After accepting the invitation, you’ll receive one more notification prompting you to allow Brazen access to your microphone and camera.




Click Allow, and you can begin your audio/video chat with the representative.




If either party encounters any connectivity issues that block them from accessing the video or audio chat feature, the video/audio chat invitation will be canceled and the chat will resume as a standard text chat. Click here for more information on technical requirements to use the video/audio chat feature.


The Chat Countdown Timer

Just like standard text chat booths, Video and Audio chats are timed - both the representative and attendee will be able to see the timer countdown as they engage in their video or audio chat. If the chat timer runs out during a video or audio chat, the chat will automatically end, and you will be brought to the rating screen.

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