Adding Audio/Video Chat to a Booth

When “Event video or audio chat” is enabled for an account, the Account Admin will have the ability to add a “Text chat with video & audio” booth to an event, template or series. This new booth can be used for:

  • Open House
  • Job Booth
    • After adding a job booth the user must edit the booth settings to enable the video or audio option
  • Mixed Networking
    •  A Rep must be assigned to the booth in order to enable video or audio chat.  

There is still the option for a text chat booth (without audio and video) and there are no restrictions on what mix of booths can be added to the event  - BrazenLive, text chat, open networking, job booth, etc.  All other functionality within a “Text chat with video or audio” booth (content, settings, etc.) matches that of a standard “Text chat” booth.

As an Admin, you can take the following steps to add a “Text chat with video or audio” booth to your event, template or series:

  1. Select the event you’d like to edit in your Brazen account
  2. Click on the Booths tab
  3. Click New
  4. Select the Text Chat with Video and Audio option
  5. Fill out the required fields for your booth and click Save




You’ll also be able to add Video & Audio to any existing Text Chat booth by clicking on the Booth Settings tab and changing the Booth Type to Text Chat with Video & Audio.

Once you’ve created your Text Chat with Video & Audio booth, you’ll be able to quickly see which booths have this feature enabled by scrolling through the Booths tab. Any Text Chat with Video & Audio booth will have a “Video & Audio” tag like the one seen below:




Please note that Video & Audio chat is enabled on an account by account basis. Only accounts with this enabled will have access to the “Text chat with video or audio” booth type. If you’re interested in setting up this feature, please reach out to your Brazen Account Manager.

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