Administrator Training: How to Create an Expo Event!


Live Training

Brazen hosts daily live Administrator trainings that cover how to create Expo events, so you can get started with building and promoting your virtual event as soon as possible.  Click here to sign up and reserve your spot.


On-Demand Training Videos

If you prefer to access on-demand training resources, please check out the below videos and guides.  

Note: The videos on this page assume you will take an existing template and create an event from there and make additional edits. For information on how to set up a template first, please view this PDF GUIDE. However, the steps to editing and building a template are very similar to building and editing an event.

The videos on this page assume that you will be building a multi-company career fair, and thus will be using Brazen "Expo Module". To learn more about our enterprise "Open House" events, click here.

To create an event, click “create event” on your main account page and choose the appropriate template.

There are 5 main areas of customization within an event (or template):

  1. Landing Screen
  2. Registration Form
  3. Booths
  4. Event Lobby Content
  5. Tracking Links (event only)
  6. Event Chat Settings


1. Landing Screen

Attendee Landing Screen

The attendee landing screen is what attendees will see when they click on the link to your event via a unique Brazen url that you may be sharing on your website, via email or social media.

There are 2 types of landing screen:

  • Default Landing Screen
  • Custom Landing Screen - This is a landing screen that your team may use external to Brazen.

Depending on which one you choose, please complete each sub-section, click save and click the blue preview button in the lower right to see your work!



Exhibitor Landing Screen (Optional)

The exhibitor landing screen is an optional page you can use to share information about your event & to collect payment from organizations interested in being an exhibitor. You can disable this screen if you don’t plan to charge employers for the event.  Here you’ll be able to showcase customizable content such as pricing options, organizational videos, and event instructions. Please note that all payment collection is not provided by Brazen must be collected using your own 3rd party system.

Check the box at the top of the Registration sub-tab to enable the exhibitor landing screen and get started creating your page. Note that you’ll need to input a URL to your exhibitor registration URL, which would be hosted outside of Brazen.



2. Registration Form


Candidate Form - Each event can have it’s own fully customizable event registration form, known within Brazen as the “Candidates Form”:

  • Limit to 3-5 questions and provide picklist, checkbox options as much as possible
  • It is not necessary to ask for name or email as that is automatically collected when they start the process to register for your event.
  • Make all questions optional as more than 50% of end-users will view your registration form via mobile and a resume may not be readily available. Attendees can always go back and update their registration form later.

Limit Signups - Limit the number of people who register for your event based on who will be staffing your event. 10 sign-ups to 1 representative is the benchmark.

Pre-Qualification settings - Do attendees need to meet minimum requirements? Set those up here and limit to no more than 2-3 questions.

Confirmation Screen - Optional but if you’d like to direct them to a specific page afterward, add it here!

TIP: Once you have completed the registration form and landing screen, you may start to market by creating and using tracking links.


3. Booths

Booths are individual breakout rooms where attendees can have chats with a specific exhibitor. As the event host you can build out the content of a booth yourself, or assign a booth owner to manage all the content within that booth. For expo and career fair events, it’s most common to simply assign a booth owner. Once assigned, that person will receive an automatic email with instructions on how to create their booth for the event, and how to assign representatives to staff it.  For large events or for popular exhibitors, we recommend each booth have 5-8 representatives available, in order to keep wait times short for your attendees.

Each booth has 4 sections for additional customization:


  • “Settings” - Add Booth Title, Logo, Booth Image, Booth Owner and social media links.

Booth Owners: For multi-company career fairs, it is common and recommended to assign one or more booth owners. Booth owners will receive an email granting them access to build out the content for their, add their representatives who staff their event and add opportunities they would like to highlight. Booth owners will only have access to that booth.


Feel free to share this support article with your employers

  • “Content” - Up to 3 tabs that can each be customized with distinct content.
  • “Representatives” - Add team members who will be staffing that specific booth.
  • “Opportunities” - (Optional) Highlight up to 7 roles and have attendees answer additional questions before they get in line. If you use this tab, be sure to double-check the opportunities tab under the “content” tab is checked off.




Learn more about editing and updating your booths


4. Event Lobby Content

You may choose to include content on the right-hand side of the lobby that may be applicable to all attendees of your event. This may include links, videos, polls and any other relevant content.



5. Creating Tracking Links

We highly recommend creating tracking links to determine the success of your marketing channels when promoting your event.



TIP: No need to market your Brazen events more than 3 weeks out, as attendees who sign up closer to your event date are mostly likely to attend.  Be sure to market to exhibitors as soon as possible, though.


6. Event Chat Settings

On the Chat Settings page you’ll be able to set preferences for your event such as the chat time limit, multi-chat settings, and ratings system.




Save Your Event as a Template

Like the event or much of the content you just created? Turn that event into a template for your future use!

  • Click on “New Template” from the account home and select the event you built.
  • Copy over sections including booths and/or opportunities
  • If representatives will be different from event to event, uncheck “copy representatives”
  • Rename the template if applicable and click save!


Note: you cannot create a template from an event that is part of a series.

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