BrazenLive Video Broadcast Best Practices


Table of Contents:

  1. Before the Broadcast
  2. During the Broadcast
  3. After the Broadcast


Before the Broadcast:

Ensure your device & network meet our technical requirements

Click here for our technical requirements, to ensure you’re able to present within a video broadcast booth.

Optional: Create a Sandbox Event

Before your first event using BrazenLive, your Brazen account administrator may want to create a “sandbox” event to ensure you are able to practice sharing your camera/screen before the live event. Click here for more information on creating a sandbox event

Log in Early

Before you start broadcasting to all event attendees, it’s a good idea to enter your video booth 15-20 minutes early so you can ensure you can share your camera and/or screen. You can even video chat privately with any other presenters in the booth in a “green room” setting. This will give you a chance to strategize with your team and review any points you want to cover during the broadcast before actually going live.

To use this feature, just enter your assigned video broadcast booth before the broadcast start time and enable your camera. As long as the host has not started the broadcast, the host and presenter(s) will start video chatting privately as soon as they enable their cameras. You’ll be able to use this feature up to 60 minutes before the event starts as well.



EVENT ADMINISTRATORS: Remind attendees to turn off chat while viewing the broadcast



If an attendee is in line to chat in a standard Chat Booth while viewing a broadcast in a separate Video Booth, they’ll be taken out of the video booth once they are connected with a recruiter in the Chat Booth. For this reason, we recommend sending out a broadcast message to everyone in your video booth letting them know that they should get out of line in any other booths if they do not want to be removed from the video broadcast booth.

Example Message: “Reminder: If you are connected with a rep in a different booth while viewing this broadcast, you will be pulled out of this video booth. To avoid this, please get out of line in all other booths.

Begin the Broadcast (and Record, if needed)

Once you and other Presenter(s) are ready to begin, click the gears icon and choose to start the broadcast. Attendees in your booth will automatically begin viewing, and event attendees not in your booth will be notified your broadcast is live. Upon confirming you’re ready to start the broadcast the “Broadcast Status” at the top of your screen will display as “Live”. Once the broadcast is live, you will have the option to record the broadcast via the highlighted gears icon.


  • NOTE: You can start the broadcast without enabling your camera if you would only like attendees to see and hear the other Presenter(s).


During the Broadcast:

Share Your Screen

To display the largest possible view of your screen share for your broadcast viewers, it’s best to select “share your entire screen” vs. selecting a specific application or browser tab to share. This will allow you to “play” the presentation in a full screen view on your computer which in turn is displayed to attendees as the largest possible view. 

Example attendee view when the Host is sharing a browser tab (on left) vs. sharing their entire screen and playing the presentation (on right).


Details below to “share your entire screen” for Chrome and Firefox. Note - Safari only allows this “share your entire screen” option and screen sharing is not supported on older non-Chromium versions of MS Edge (versions less than 79)






Note: Viewers have video controls during the broadcast

Attendees viewing your broadcast have the option to make the video player full screen. These controls are displayed on the video player like below. It is helpful to remind viewers of this at the beginning of your broadcast. The exact controls will differ depending on the device and browser. See example of controls highlighted in orange boxes.




Set Expectations: Answering Questions

If the Discussion Feed is enabled, remind viewers at the start of the presentation that they can send in any questions via the discussion feed. Let them know if/how you’ll take questions--either in real time, or towards the end of the broadcast.


Avoid Broadcasting Recorded Videos

Broadcasting a video, via YouTube or similar, can result in poor video quality for the viewers. Because of this, it’s not recommended to broadcast a video via screen share. Videos can be uploaded to the booth or event content sections for you to reference during your broadcast. An attendee can then watch the video during your broadcast without ever leaving the booth. 

Simultaneously View your Presentation and Broadcast

It’s best to use two screens if you’d like to simultaneously view your broadcast within the event and to view the presentation itself. Please note that some programs use both screens when playing the presentation - one for the presentation itself and the other for a “presenters” view. In this case you would not be able to view both yourself broadcasting and the presentation itself. 

Mute your microphone if you are not presenting

In order to avoid any echoes or audio feedback, we recommend that any presenters who are not currently speaking mute their microphone until they'd like to speak. If possible, using headphones instead of computer speakers can also decrease the risk of an echo. A presenter can mute their mic by clicking on the microphone icon towards the bottom of their screen.


After the Broadcast:


HOST: End the Broadcast

When you’re ready to end, click the gears icon and select to end the live broadcast. This will also end the recording (if enabled). Please note that your broadcast will automatically end at 15 mins past the event end time. You will be notified when there are 5 minutes remaining in the event if the broadcast is still live. 

Upon confirming you’re ready to end the broadcast the “Broadcast Status” at the top of your screen will display as “Ended”.



ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATOR: Download the Broadcast Recording

As an Account Admin, you can take the following steps to download the recording of your broadcast:

  1. Go to your Brazen account and select your event (you can find it on your home page under Upcoming/Previous Events)
  2. Click on the Downloads tab on the left panel
  3. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see an option to download your Video Broadcast Recordings



Check out our Host and Presenter articles for more information on what to expect during your first Video Broadcast event.


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