Administrator Training Video: How to Create a Series!


What is a series?

A series is a recurring group of events that generally take place at the same time each week or month.

A series is recommended for skill sets and/or locations that your team may consistently be sourcing and/or have needs for. Once a series has been created, you’ll get a single link for each marketing channel that will automatically update to the next upcoming event. You can also still retrieve individual event links if that is helpful. 

Save time for your team and set up a series today!

The videos on this page assume that you’ve already created a template that you’d like to use for your series. For additional information on how to create a template, please review this PDF guide.

  1. Creating a Series
  2. Editing a Series
  3. Adjusting the Series Schedule
  4. Series Links and Tracking Links for Your Series


Creating a Series

Click on “Create a Template” from the main account home and choose the template you’d like to use to create your series. Follow the instructions to choose the cadence, schedule start date and end dates.

Note: The furthest out you may set a series is 6 months from the current date




Editing a Series 

After you create a series, you may find that you may need to make edits. Instead of editing each individual event in the series, you can do so at the series level and apply updates to all events in the series.



Adjusting the Series Schedule

After you create a series, you may need to edit the schedule of your schedules. As an example, instead of Wednesdays at 1pm, you’d like for your series to now take place Thursdays at 2pm.

IMPORTANT: If you have an existing event that has registrants, for example on April 25 and you’d like to edit your schedule after that, please choose a start date after April 25, so at least April 26. If you choose the start date on April 25, your existing event will be replaced by a brand new event and all of your registrants will be deleted and cannot be recovered. If you have questions, please email or your account manager about the safest way for you to adjust your series without impacting certain events.

Add an Event

If you need an additional one-time event as part of your series, you may do so by clicking on the “add event” button under the schedule tab. The one-time event will be created using the template from your existing series and it will be labeled as one-time.




Series Links and Tracking Links

Once you’ve set up your series you can either take the series URL and begin marketing using the series URL.


NOTE: If you are testing these links (or tracking links), please do so in an incognito browser or a different browser, otherwise the system will recognize that you’re already logged in and will bypass the landing screen.

We would recommend that you create tracking links to assess the success of your marketing efforts. Just like each event can have it’s own set of tracking links, your series has something similar.

The links for a series will automatically update to the next event in the series depending on when someone clicks on the link.

Once you create series tracking links, they will automatically be created for each event as well and you may go into each event to retrieve them if that is more appropriate for your marketing strategy. The cumulative views and registrants will still be captured here.


Looking to create a single event instead? Learn more here

Need help? You can live chat with our helpdesk support agents directly from your Brazen Control Center Account Home, 9A-5P ET, Monday - Friday. For any further questions, please reach out to your account manager.

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