Creating a Test Video Event


Before your first event using BrazenLive, we recommend you create a test event in your Brazen account and invite anyone on your team who will be broadcasting during your actual event. This will give your team a chance to practice using our platform, ensure everyone still meets the technical requirements required to use BrazenLive, and that all broadcast “Host” and “Presenter” browser/device settings allow for screen sharing, audio, and camera access .


How to set up your Test Event

The first step you’ll need to take is to create a new event in your Brazen account using one of your existing templates. If you need a refresher on how to create a new event, please reference this support article.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**Be sure to include the keywords “TEST” or “DEMO” in the title of your test event, so that these events are excluded from reports, and do not count against your booth limits!(i.e. “TEST 4/6 - Open House Event).

Be sure to schedule your test event at a date and time that works for your team, as any team member who plans on broadcasting in your actual event should plan on attending and testing out their video broadcast capabilities.

Once your event is created, go to the “Booths” tab of your test event and create a new Video Booth (more info on how to create a video booth here). Once your video booth is created, add the appropriate host and presenter(s). The host and presenters should be the same people that will be broadcasting during your actual event.

Optional - You may want to invite at least one person on your team to attend the test event as a viewer. Here’s how you can invite them to register for the test event as an attendee:

  1. Within the test event, click on the Event Home tab on the left
  2. Copy the “Live URL”
  3. Send the live URL to the person who will be attending the event as a viewer
  4. Have them click on the link and follow the instructions on the landing page to register


During your Test Event

At the date and time of your Test Event:

  1. Log in to the event and look for the “Your booth” icon on your assigned video broadcast booth
    • If the event only has one booth, you will automatically be placed in the booth
  2. Enter your video broadcast booth and click the button to enable your cameraHost_Enable_Camera_3.gif
  3. The host will need to click the gears icon and start the broadcast


Please use this article as a reference if you’d like to learn more about how to start the broadcast as a host.

Once the broadcast has been started, you can start testing out some of the various features and verifying with the viewer on your team that everything looks/sounds ok on their end. We recommend you run the following tests, and ask the viewer to confirm whether each one is working properly:

  • Verify with the viewer that video quality looks good
  • Verify with the viewer that audio quality sounds good
  • Share your screen and verify that the viewer can see it

You can also use this opportunity to test out the discussion feed - try asking questions like “how is the video quality?” on camera, and have the viewer respond through the discussion feed.

If you experience any technical issues during your test event, please reach out to and copy your Brazen Account Manager,  so that we can resolve the issues before your actual event.

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