Turnstile Feature for Large Events

Brazen's "turnstile" feature helps manage chat capacity within events that have at least 500 concurrent attendees.

As of Sunday, April 12th 2020, all events allow for a maximum of 500 concurrent attendees to be connected in a chat. This “turnstile” feature does not limit the number of event sign ups or registrants; it only limits the number of people who can be available to chat in an event at the same time.

Managing an event’s chat capacity in this way:

  • Helps set better chat wait time expectations with attendees
  • Provides a smoother event experience with faster page load times
  • Allows all participants to browse the available event content

All participants are able to log in to the event to browse the booths, view content and watch BrazenLive Video Broadcasts*. Once the event has reached max capacity, attendees who get in line to chat will be notified that the event has reached max chat capacity and asked to refresh their browser in 15 minutes to see if space has become available:


Be on the lookout for additional improvements and functionality to better manage event capacity in our ongoing effort to perfect the online event experience.

*Once an event reaches max capacity, only attendees who enter a video broadcast booth when the broadcast is live will be able to watch.



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