How do I set up a custom landing screen?


The first step in determining your custom landing screen strategy is to decide where to host it. An easy first choice is on your own website - allowing you to tap into all the existing traffic that is coming to you on the web.

If you don't have control over your website, or it's difficult for you to make changes, there are a variety of 3rd party tools that can be used to create a landing page in minutes. For basic needs, we recommend checking out Unbounce or Wix, while more advanced users may consider using a marketing tool such as Marketo or Hubspot that your organization already subscribes to.


Add a Custom Landing Screen to an Event 

  1. Navigate to landing screen design settings
  2. Select custom landing screen and input the URL where your custom landing screen is hosted. how_do_i_set_up_a_custom_landing_screen_pic_1.png
  3. Set a background image. This image will display on the login screen for users.
  4. On your custom landing page, be sure to insert the Brazen Login Url.




Tip: When a visitor to your custom landing screen wants to sign up, they'll need to come to Brazen to create an account or log in. Include a call-to-action (i.e. Register, Sign Up, Chat) on your page and link it to your event's login screen. The login URL is available on the "Event Home" screen in Control Center and will look like this:


Use a Custom Landing Screen for Multiple Events

It's not always necessary to have an individual landing screen for every event you host. The same custom landing screen URL can be applied across multiple events, meaning you can direct users to a page on your website with information and links to all of your upcoming Brazen chats.This can be very powerful when promoting a recurring series or group of events: Users can select a date and time that is convenient to them, and you can use a single URL knowing your promotion is always driving users to the next available opportunity to engage.

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