Creating a Video Broadcast Booth

BrazenLive Video Broadcast booths provide the ability to feature a live video broadcast during your online event. The video broadcast Host and Presenters will have the ability to broadcast via their camera & microphone and/or screen share with the event attendees. This article details how to set up your Video Broadcast booth.  


Adding a Video Broadcast Booth to your Event

To add a Video Broadcast Booth:

  1. Go to an event’s BOOTHS screen and click NEW
  2. Select Video Broadcast Booth Type 

  3. In the General Information section you will customize the booth title, logo and image as well as add any desired social media links. 
  4. Click SAVE and you will be returned to the BOOTHS screen displaying your newly created Video Broadcast Booth. The red warning icons indicate you are missing required information.


Enabling a Discussion Feed

A Discussion Feed is helpful for Participants to submit questions and comments throughout your broadcast so the Host and Presenters can address accordingly. To enable a Discussion Feed, go to the SETTINGS tab of the Video Broadcast booth and at the bottom of the page choose your desired Discussion Feed Setting.



Setting the Broadcast Start & End time

On the booth’s Content screen select the Start and End Time for the broadcast. These times should reflect approximately when the broadcast will start and end. The broadcast will only go live when the Host manually chooses to do so. These times are used for notification purposes in both reminder emails and within the event. NOTE: The broadcast start and end time must be within the events start and end time.

Displaying Audience Information for Hosts & Presenters

The Host and Presenter(s) will always see the number of Participants in their booth. You have the option to also allow them to see the name and title of the Participants in their booth. Choose an option from the Audience Information drop down menu: 

    1. Hide: The Host and Presenter(s) only see the number of the Participants in their boothaudience_information.png
    2. Display only to Host: Only the Host sees the name and title of the Participants in their booth; Presenter(s) only see the number of Participants 
    3. Display to Host & Presenter(s): Both the Host and Presenter(s) see the name and title of the Participants in their booth.

Uploading a Pre and Post Broadcast Banner Image

Set a Pre-Broadcast Banner Image to display to Participants before the broadcast begins as well as a Post-Broadcast Banner Image to display once the broadcast has ended. You can choose to upload a custom image or select from the available default images and add Overlay Text to be displayed on top of the image like:


Customizing the Booth Content

In the Booth Preview Content section add a brief description of the broadcast to be displayed on the booth card in the event lobby.


In the Booth Content section you can add a more detailed description of the broadcast for Participants to view once they enter the Video Broadcast booth.

Assigning a Video Broadcast Host and Optional Presenter(s)

You must assign a Host, responsible for starting, recording and ending the broadcast, to each Video Broadcast booth within your event. You also have the option to add up to 3 additional Presenters to each Video Broadcast booth. During the live broadcast, both Host and Presenters are able to broadcast via camera & microphone as well as share their screen. Further details on the Host role and Presenter role

Host & Presenter Requirements: 

  1. Each Video Broadcast booth requires one Host
  2. Only one Host can be added to each Video Broadcast booth
  3. A Host cannot be added to multiple Video Broadcast booths within the same event
  4. A Host can be added as a Presenter in another Video Broadcast booth within same event
  5. Both Hosts and Presenters can be added as Representatives in Text-Based Chat booths within the same event

Add a Host or Presenter by navigating to the Presenters tab and clicking ADD. You’ll be asked to provide the following information for each Host and Presenter:

  1. Email
  2. First Name 
  3. Last Name 
  4. Role: Choose the appropriate Host or Presenter role  
  5. Title: To be displayed to event participants
  6. Profile Picture: To be displayed to event participants
  7. Short Bio: To be displayed to event participants
  8. Time Zone - Select the appropriate time zone for the Host or Presenter


Applying your Finishing Touches

Once all the required fields are completed for the Video Broadcast booth you’ll notice the red warning icons are no longer displayed on the booth like below. To view a preview of the booth, go to the SETTINGS tab and click PREVIEW at the bottom of the page. You can then make any needed edits and will be ready to host your event featuring a live video broadcast!


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