Add a job to an event or series

In order for the Job Req Plugin to showcase your upcoming events directly on a job posting, you'll need to tie that job to the event you'd like to promote in your Brazen account. To add a job to an upcoming series or event, your account admin will need to:

  1. Go to your Account Home in Brazen, and click on the Jobs tab on the left sidebar
  2. Select any jobs you’d like to add to events
  3. Click the options button on the right, and select “Add to events” or “Add to series”
  4. You’ll see a list of all upcoming series/events -- select any events to which you’d like to add the job, and hit Add




Once a job has been added to an event, the plugin will automatically start promoting that event, along with any other chat engagement options you've enabled for that job. 




The jobs you add to an event will also be visible within the event itself. To view the full list of jobs that have been added to an event, enter the event and click on the Jobs tab on the left navigation panel.




Candidates viewing the Jobs tab in an event will have the option to view the details of each job such as location and job description. They can also click to apply to any of these jobs - when a candidate clicks "Apply" they will be brought out of the Brazen app and taken directly to the application link for that job.


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