Reports to Track and Monitor Events



  1. Navigate to your Account Home and find the event of interest.
  2. Click on the "...", then select track.
  3. There are four different reports you can use to track and monitor your event. 


reports_the_track_and_monitor_events_pic_1.pngThis report is available before, during and after your event.

Total Signups displays the number of participants that have logged in with an existing account or created an account for the first time.

Total Registered displays the number of participants that have completed registration. This number it out of the total number of Signups. If you have more than one peer group, it will display the totals for each peer group.

Attendees reflect the total number of participants that have joined the live event. This number will update in real-time during your event.

Attendance Rate is calculated by the total number of attendees divided by the total registered for each peer group.

Booths display each of the booths available in your event, any booth owners or representatives, and which contents tabs have been enabled in the booths.



This report is available during and after your event. During the live event, this information will update automatically, and in real-time. The activity report includes some of the same information as the event Tracker. It also includes the following:

Waiting to Chat: displays the number of participants in each peer group that have clicked their green chat button and are waiting to be connected in a chat. Participants can wait in multiple lines simultaneously.

Reps Online: Lets you know the total number of representatives that are active in the live event, whether they are waiting to chat or actively chatting. Click on the orange number for a booth to see which representatives are currently active. This feature is only available for events with representatives assigned to booths.


reports_to_track_and_monitor_events_pic_3.pngTracking Links can be used to track and measure each marketing channel you're using to promote your event.

The Tracking Links report is available before, during, and after your event. The activity report includes some of the same information as the event Tracker. It also includes the following:

Views display the total number of clicks on the tracking link. (The number is total, not unique views).

Registrants display how many of your participants registered from a tracking link. These numbers may not equal your Total Registered report, as some participants may have found your event through searching online or in other ways not connected to a tracking link.

Learn more about creating and using Tracking Links 


reports_to_track_and_monitor_events_pic_4.pngEvent Participants report is available to Account Administrator - using any event type - before, during, and after an event.

The report will download as a CSV file. First name, last name and email address will be available for all participants in the report. If a participant has completed registration, all information filled out during the registration process will be included, as well.

Participant Registrant Documents report is available to Account Administrators - using any event type - before, during, and after an event.

This report will create a zip file of any and all documents uploaded to an event registration form (e.g. resumes, cover letters, etc.).

Representative Ratings (CSV) and (ZIP) reports are available to Account Administrators - using Open House or Expo Event Types - shortly after the event is over and the last is complete.

These reports contain all ratings representatives assigned to the participant. The CSV file downloads a single excel sheet that can be sorted by booth, or representative. The ZIP file will download a separate excel sheet for each booth with representatives.

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