What can I find in my monthly success email?

Starting December 2016, you will now receive monthly emails recapping your event success from the previous month. These emails will include statistics and insights on the number of events hosted, average attendance rate and total number of chats held!

This is a great opportunity for you to benchmark your success in Brazen on a month-to-month basis, especially if you host multiple events per month.

More specifically, these emails will include the following statistics from the previous month*:

  1. Number of Events Hosted
  2. Number of Total Registrants
  3. Average Attendance Rate
  4. Unique Representatives
  5. Total Chats
  6. Top Event and Number of Chats Held - this will show you the name and number of chats held of your event with the highest number of chats.
  7. Top Booth and Number of Chats Held - similarly, this will show you the name of the booth and the number of chats held in that booth for the booth with the highest number of chats.
  8. Tip of the Month - a new tip will be featured each month!




*The statistics provided in these emails will be pulled on a monthly basis, so you will see statistics for a full month, such as October or November, and not for the past 30 days.

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