Enable text message (SMS) reminders for my event

By enabling this setting, a mobile number field will be added to your event's registration form.  All registrants who provide their phone number at registration and opt-in to receiving Brazen's notifications will receive a reminder via SMS 30 minutes before your event (US and Canada numbers only).

1. Go to your Notification Settings

In Control Center, navigate to your event or template's notifications screen under the Settings sub-heading. 


2. Enable the setting

Check the box at the top to enable a single 30 minute text message reminder for your event, and save your settings. Please note at this time text message reminders are only eligible to be sent to U.S. numbers.


3. Review your registration form

Once this setting is enabled, a new field will appear as a part of your event's registration form(s). This field will always appear at the bottom of the form and cannot be moved or modified. If you'd like to remove it, simply head back to your notification settings and disable the reminders.


Your event is now set to send text reminders - here's what happens next.

1. Phone numbers are provided during registration

Participants can optionally provide their phone number when completing an event's registration form. Our standard help text indicates our current support for U.S. and Canada numbers only and informs them of the standard text messaging charges that may be incurred when providing their number.

2. New phone numbers receive an opt-in request

After submitting registration, a text will be sent to the given number to confirm that number's enrollment in Brazen's text notifications:

  • Reply YES to receive notifications about your upcoming event from Brazen. Message and data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.

This message is only sent if the number is not already opted in to receive texts from Brazen.

3. Users reply to confirm

By replying "YES" or "START", a user is opted in to receive texts from Brazen. The following confirmation message is sent:

  • Thanks for subscribing to Brazen notifications! Message and data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.

4. Text message reminders are sent 30 minutes before an event


30 minutes before an event, all users who have opted in to receiving a text message reminder will be sent the below message.

"eventTitle begins in 30 minutes. Login here (link)"

The link directs users to your event's login screen. Event titles longer than 75 characters will be shortened to ensure the full text and link fit in the text message.

Other Info

If a user replies "HELP" or "INFO" to a Brazen text, they will receive the below message:

  • Brazen Event notifications. More help at or 800-567-1264. Message & data rates may apply. Reply STOP to cancel.

If a user replies "STOP", "STOPALL", "UNSUBSCRIBE", "CANCEL", "END", "QUIT", they will receive the below message and no longer receive texts from Brazen.

  • You are unsubscribed from Brazen notifications. No more messages will be sent. Reply HELP for help or
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