How do I add representatives to a booth?



You can access your Booth Editor via Brazen Control Center.  

  • In Control Center, click "Edit" next to a booth's title to be taken to the Booth Editor Tool.
  • Find and click "Representatives" in the booth navigation bar located in the middle of your screen. 
  • You will be taken to the Representatives page where you can assign new booth representatives and view those currently assigned.

Assign New Representatives

  • Click "Add Representatives" and enter their contact information, as well as your name, and they will receive an automatic email notification.
  • The email will inform them that they’ve been invited as a representative for the event along with simple login instructions.

Tips and Best Practice

  • You should assign reps to the booths that they should be helping in - whether that is one booth or more - it is not required for them to be assigned to all booths.
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