Job centric events overview


Job-centric events are designed to help you attract, engage and evaluate candidates with specific job requisitions.


  • Create landing pages for each job to use to market your event.
  • Multiple job landing pages can direct candidates into a single event.


  • Add job specific booths to your events where candidates can view the job description and apply for the job.
  • Jobs add context and create focus for candidates and hiring teams during chats.


  • Use the updated rating screen to notate next steps after each chat.
  • Track conversion through the entire process, from viewing the job all the way through to clicking the apply button.


  • Create one event or a series of events for a specific job or group of jobs. When you add a job to an event or series of events, you automatically create a Brazen hosted job description (job landing screen).



You have the option to automatically create a booth for each job to create focused conversations within the event and reduce setup time.



    • Multiple job landing screens direct to a single event. Use job landing screens for targeted marketing via email, LinkedIn, job postings and more. Candidates who view the landing screen are greeted with a unique call to action: register to chat with a recruiter about a specific job.



    • Before the event, monitor jobs by viewing job performance, and download the Event Participant CSV to see which jobs each candidate has registered to chat about.


    • During the live event, candidates can access job descriptions within job booths and during real-time conversations with hiring teams.


    • Candidates can apply* for the job from the job booth, the live chat, or chat rating screen.

*if Apply URL is included on the jobJob_Systems_Engineering_-_Candidate_View_Job_Details.png

    • Your team can quickly select recommended next steps* for each candidate from a redesigned rating screen.

*accessible in chats that occur in job booths, or in non-job booths when candidate has registered from a job landing screenJob_Systems_Engineering_-Next_Steps_Rating_Screen.png

    • Next steps are accessible from each team members chat History for quick followup.



Q: How should I set up my event?

A: We recommend setting up job events by grouping jobs together by skillset and/or location. Choose a group of 5-10 jobs owned by a single recruiter / small team of recruiters (2-4) to setup an event for.

Q: How can I promote a job-centric event?

A: Learn more about promoting job-centric events here.

Q: What are the pros and cons of automatically creating booths when I add jobs to my event?

A: Pros: job booths take the lift out of setting up booths with lots of content, and allow you to assign your hiring team to the specific jobs they are able to chat about. Cons: if you have a lot of jobs in an event (eg > 10) it may feel like a lot of booths for a candidate / recruiter to have to navigate.

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