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When a job is added to an event or series, a landing screen is automatically created that can be used as a vehicle to attract candidates. Multiple job landing screens can be directed to a single event or series of events, enabling you to increase your reach while maintaining event focus. You can market jobs yourself, or work with us to distribute job landing screens to drive targeted traffic into your event. Learn more about job-centric events here.


Brazen has partnered with Jobs2Careers to provide an integrated solution that helps employers improve their quality of candidates and time-to-hire.

With this partnership, Brazen can offer you the ability to extend live events beyond your existing database to instantly attract new talent from the Jobs2Careers Marketplace delivering 2+ Billion job searches every month.



  • Set a budget to use over time and only pay for candidates that fully register for your events. You’ll still have access to candidates who sign up but do not complete your registration form.
  • We’ll embed a tracking pixel in your event that will help bring the best fit candidate traffic to your job event landing screens

Dynamic Pricing

  • The Jobs2Careers prediction model uses the location and keywords in job titles and descriptions to generate a dynamic prediction that changes based on supply and demand of talent.


  • Because you only candidates that fully register for events will count toward your promotion budget, you can add additional jobs and events or shift the budget to different jobs.

High intent 

  • Jobs work as a vehicle to drive candidates interested in a specific role into your events. Within events, job booths ensure that candidates are matched with the right recruiter for each opportunity.

Wide Reach

  • Jobs2Careers helps you attract talent more efficiently from job sites, job alert providers, niche sites, blogs, and associations.  The majority of these placements (2,600+) use the Jobs2Careers search similar to what you find on searching directly and (an example of a partner whose search is powered by Jobs2Careers)


  1. Select a job or a group of related jobs to add to a series of events. You can add a job to an individual event, but we recommend hosting multiple events over at least 30 days (eg weekly 30m events for 3 months). When a job is added to an event, a unique landing screen is generated for each job.
  2. Get in touch with your Account Manager to let them know that you’d like to promote jobs. Your Account Manager will ask questions to learn more about the past performance of the jobs you're promoting to help guide recommendations.
  3. Your Account Manager will generate a recommended budget based on the jobs you provide using Jobs2Careers’ prediction model.
  4. You’ll approve the budget and sign a statement of work.
  5. We’ll promote job landing screens through Jobs2Careers. Promotion will continue until jobs are removed from upcoming events, there are no more events in the series, or your budget is depleted (whatever happens first)
  6. You can view job performance to see how much traffic is coming from each job landing screen.


To direct candidate traffic to a specific job landing screen, 

  1. Navigate to the Jobs tab of the series or event that you want to market.
  2. Click the action menu next to the job you want to market.
  3. Copy the URL. If your jobs are in a series make sure to use links from the series Jobs menu, not the links within each individual event.



Tip: Promoting jobs through Brazen is just one way to attract candidates to events. Use job landing screens in LinkedIn InMail outreach and targeted email blasts to provide candidates with job information and a compelling call to action. 

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