Brazen's API & Single Sign-On (SSO)

Brazen's API and single sign-on (SSO) became available to customers October 3rd, 2016.

This article will cover the following topics:

  • What is an API?
  • What is SSO?
  • API & SSO Benefits
  • Where Do I Go to Learn More?


What is an API?

Have you ever wondered how programs on your computers and websites you visit “talk” to each other? To understand this, we need to dive into the world of APIs.



API, short for Application Programming Interface, is a tool that allows software to communicate with other software. By linking data from Brazen directly to your back-office systems and cloud services, you can develop a streamlined approach for building upon relationships formed during online events. In short, the Brazen API will allow you to sync Brazen with your customer database.

Another way to think about it, is in the context of a toy box. Data in the defined forms, such as circles or stars, can be taken through the box and let through the correct hole. Think of Brazen as the wood box, the holes as the API, and the data as blocks. The API holes allow data to be pushed into Brazen or pulled out of Brazen.

In a similar fashion, an API expects a certain data format and will reject data in the form of, say hexagons. This forces programmers to organize their data inputs, according to the designer’s specifications and helps set expectations for the transaction.

Sounds exciting right? It is, but it can get complicated pretty quickly. We’ll cover the basics here, but if you want to learn more, visit or reach out to your Account Manager, so we can keep the conversation going.


What is SSO?


SSO, short for Single Sign On, enables Brazen customers to integrate Brazen into their existing applications. By default, Brazen currently prompts participants to login using LinkedIn or an email address and password.

With SSO, your users will now be able to log into Brazen using the credentials they already use to log into your applications and  systems. This enables you to have complete control over how your users authenticate and register to attend your events on Brazen. You can avoid password fatigue and speed up the process of signing in, all without sacrificing security.


The Benefits of API and Single Sign-On (SSO)


Both API and SSO will benefit your existing processes. Most notably, you will now be able to customize the registration experience.

Brazen's API and SSO will enable you to control how your users register to attend events. Keep in mind, you don’t need to set up both API and SSO. For example, you can require your users to SSO with your company or application and you don’t need to call the API. Similarly, you don't have to use SSO if you want to call the Brazen API. But, when combined together, you can create a variety of user experiences that make it easier for your users to register and attend events, or control who has access to your events.

In short, APIs and SSO can be really impactful. Here are the highlights.


API Benefits

Single Sign-On Benefits

  • Integrate Brazen with your ATS or CRM application

  • Import registration and chat data into your ATS, CRM and other back office systems

  • Enable your audience to register for Brazen events directly within your organization's careers site, job board, learning management system, or any other application

  • Combine crucial information on your target audience (candidates, alumni, or students) in one system, making it easier to track interactions and work to build greater engagement

  • Receive immediate notification of new registrations (and changes to existing registrations)
  • Enable your audience to register and attend events on Brazen using the same credentials they use to log into your applications and sites

  • Initiate SSO directly from your external customer applications, websites, or from the Brazen event login screen

  • Ensure all passwords conform to your organization’s password policy

  • Avoid password fatigue by eliminating participants from having to remember another password

  • Quickly remove user access to Brazen when a user leaves the organization


Sounds great! Where do I go to learn more?

APIs are pretty powerful, but they can quickly get complicated. If you’re interested in whether setting up an API or SSO is right for your business — reach out to your Account Manager. They can take your unique situation into account and discuss the benefits and ramifications with you.

Are you a programmer? If not, you will need one to set up API and SSO for your organization. Direct them to for all the technical resources they need.

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