What reports can I use to monitor my event/series?



The Reports tab within Control Center houses several useful tools to help you track and monitor an individual event or series. 


The first option within Reports is the Tracker. You can access this before, during, and after an event to monitor:

  1. Total # of Signups: this is how many people have at least started registration, but have not necessarily completed their registration.
  2. Total Registered: this is how many people have completed registration, and it shows the breakdown between candidates and representatives.
  3. Total Attended: this shows how many people attended the event. It updates during the event, and is accessible after the event to help you measure success. It also shows the breakdown between candidates and representatives.
  4. Attendance Rate: this shows the rate of how many attended out of how many registered. It breaks down between candidates and representatives.
  5. Booths: this shows your booth breakdown, which is useful to see while monitoring your event without having to go into the Booth tab. 


The second option is the Activity Report. During the event this shows live updates, so you can monitor the proceedings. You also have the option to enter the live event at any time by clicking the yellow button marked "Enter Event" in the top right-hand corner.

The top four boxes across the screen are the same as the Tracker tab. 

The box below titled Booth Activity is automatically set to Auto Refresh during the live event. You can click the button to disable this feature in the right-hand corner. Within this box are several useful trackers to help you monitor success throughout the event.

  1. Active Participants: this is how many registrants are currently logged into the event and participating.
  2. Active Representatives: this is how many representatives are currently logged into the event and participating.
  3. Active Chats: this shows how many active chats are occuring overall.
  4. Completed Chats: this shows the number of completed chats overall.
  5. Booths: the booths breakdown shows each booth, how many people are waiting to chat (broken down by candidates and representatives), active chats within the booth and completed chats within the booth. This is useful when you have multiple booths to monitor success between booths, as well as if you need to direct your representatives into a particularly busy booth. 



The third option is Tracking Links. This allows you to create tracking links for that individual event--if you want to create a tracking link for a series, you have to navigate to the series home. Tracking links are an extremely useful tool to measure the impact and success of your marketing efforts. You can breakdown the links based on your various media campaigns (social media, email, web properties, etc.). 

The top four boxes are the same as the previous two options, so you can monitor your success from every tab.

To create a tracking link, click "Create Tracking Link" and fill in the information. You must include the medium (social media, email, etc.) and the source (Facebook, newsletter, etc.). Content and campaign are optional, but are useful if handling multiple campaigns for one event.

To the far right of each tracking link is the number of views (of the event by clicking on the tracking link), and registrants who signed up by clicking on that tracking link.


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