Add Pre-Qualifying Questions to Events


To ensure that your team is chatting with the most qualified candidates during events, you have the option to add pre-qualifying questions to any upcoming event.

Pre-qualification occurs after someone signs up, but before they complete event registration. If a person does not meet the necessary qualifications, they will not be permitted to register and attend the event.

If someone answers with the desired response to each of your questions, they'll complete the registration process. If a person fails a knockout question, they'll be presented with a customizable message (similar to the one below) letting them know that only qualified candidates can sign up for the event.





  1. Navigate to your Account Home and select the event you'd like to edit
  2. Select the Registration tab, then click Pre-Qualification Settings.
  3. Check the "Qualified Only" boxScreen_Shot_2020-07-24_at_11.36.18_AM.png
  4. Type in your custom message for people that do not qualify
  5. Select the New dropdown
    • If you haven't created any questions yet, select "New" (If you've created questions in the past and would like to add those to this event, select "Existing").
  6. Enter your question, the 2 possible responses, and the desired response
  7. Click Save


Once you've added questions to your event, you can always come back to the Pre-Qualification Settings page in Control Center and edit your questions, or remove them from the event.

Throughout the registration process, you'll also be able to view which contacts failed your questions, and which contacts passed and completed registration. You can view this information by clicking the "View Results" link. The name and email of any candidate that failed your questions will also be shown in your Contacts Report.

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