Welcome Video

For each event you have the ability to add a welcome video that will be shown to candidates upon entering the event. Here's how you can add a welcome video to your upcoming event:

  1. Navigate to the Settings of your event, then select Event Content.
  2. Click the Add button under Welcome Video
  3. Enter the video URL (or embed code if using a custom video type) and enter a title for the video that will display in the event lobby.
  4. Click Save



If the video you'd like to upload is hosted on YouTube, select "YouTube" as the Video Type, and enter the URL for your YouTube video.




If the video you'd like to use is hosted somewhere other than YouTube (i.e. Vimeo, Vzaar, etc.), select "Custom" as the Video Type and enter the embed code for your video.




When a participant first enters the event, the Welcome Video will automatically be displayed as an overlay in the event lobby. They can return to the Welcome Video in the sidebar at any time.



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