How do I change my event's start time or duration, and notify registrants?

1. Navigate to your event home

The Time and Date section can be found at the bottom of your event home.


2. Select a new start time

Click the field to open the date and time picker. First select a date, then an hour, and finally a minute. The picker will automatically close once your selection is complete. Events must be set to start at least 15 minutes from the current time. Previous times will be disabled in the picker.

You can also optionally directly enter a date and time in the field, but be sure to follow the correct format: "mm/dd/yyy hh:mm AM/PM"

3. Set the time zone

Set the time zone for your selected start time. In addition to setting the time, this will also be the default time zone for a user who is not yet logged in to Brazen when viewing your event landing screen.

The basic list includes our most popular time zones. Select "all options" for a complete dropdown of time zones around the world.

4. Set a duration

Set a duration by inputting a number and choosing either hours or minutes. Events must last at least 30 minutes and no longer than 6 hours.

Events in progress can also be extended by editing the duration. The total event duration must still not exceed 6 hours.

5. Optionally notify registrants

Click Save to submit your changes. If your event has any registrants, you will be given the option to send an email notification to existing registrants. Registrants will not need to complete a new registration if they still plan to attend.


If you elect to send the email, the below message will be sent to all registrants.

From: The Custom From Name set on your event or "Brazen"
Subject: Time Change for Your Event Title

Your Event Title previously scheduled for Previous Event Start Time has been rescheduled to New Event Start Date from Start Time to End Time. You do not need to complete a new registration to attend the rescheduled event.

You can log in to the event at Event Login Link to view and edit your profile at anytime.

Skipping the email will not notify any registrants, but your event start time will still be updated. Click the "X" on the modal if you wish to cancel your changes.

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