What kinds of connections take place in a booth?

Each booth allows for a number of different connections during a live event. Connections are configured during implementation and are broken down into two main types -A/A and A/B.


What is a peer-to-peer networking session (A/A)?

In this case, participants can network with anyone in the event - no segmentation is used in the connection pairing.

  • A/A connections facilitate engagement between members of the same group or organization. This gives participants the ability to connect with anyone else who is attending the event.


What does mixed networking mean (A/B)?

In the case of mixed networking, participants are a part of either group A or group B (not both). During the event, those in group A will only be connected to converse with participants in group B. This is most common in mentoring events, or student-alumni events.

  • A/B connections facilitate engagement between members of two different groups. This only permits participants, in one group, to connect with attendees that belong to another group.
  • A/B connections can also engage two different groups within the same organization or engage organization members with those who want to learn more about their organizations.
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