Custom Event and Booth Branding

Account Admins now have the ability to customize both the background color and accent color for their events. You can find this setting by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Brazen Account Home
  2. Select the Event or Template you’d like to customize
  3. Click on the Booths tab
  4. On the right hand panel under Event Branding Settings, click Edit

On this page you’ll be able to enter the hex codes for your preferred colors, and select either a gradient or solid fill for the background color.


These custom colors are displayed across the event, from the buttons on the landing screen, login page and registration form to the navigation panel and booths within the event. As you can see below, the custom background color you choose will affect the left navigation panel on the left within your event:



You’ll notice the accent color (purple in this example) can be seen in a variety of places throughout your event such as the chat availability toggle and the “Enter” buttons on your booths.

The accent color will also be used on the “Reserve My Spot” button on the Event Landing Page:



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