Design the Landing Page

The event landing screen is a key marketing tool to attract participants to your event and drive conversion. Once a candidate clicks on your event link, the event landing screen will be the first thing they see before signing up to attend the event.

While it’s important to provide information to potential participants, every landing page should start with a great design to make your event pop.

To customize the landing page for your event, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Select the appropriate upcoming event in your Brazen account
  2. Click on the Landing Screen tab on the left



The Design page is where you can customize the look and feel of your event landing page. Choose between the standard Brazen landing screen, the legacy Brazen landing screen or a custom landing screen.

Using the standard Brazen landing screen allows you to choose from various background images - if you'd like to use an image saved on your device as the background of your landing screen, select the Custom Image box and hit the Upload button below.


Using an image on your device


Your image will be resized to 1600px by 1067px.

  • This means that you’ll want to use an image that is close to this size or larger.
  • Using an image smaller than this could cause pixelation after it has been resized.
  • This also means that you’ll want to use an image with a 4:3 ratio to avoid the image warping.

Your image must be a jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, or tiff file.


Transform Image

Control Center allows you to tweak how the image will be presented within the fixed dimension mentioned above.

  • All of these tools offer more flexibility when editing an image than is equal to or larger than the fixed dimension (1600px by 1067px).


Expand or shrink the image to fit the dimension.

Limit and pad

Resize the image with padding to fit the dimension.

Limit and fill

Resize and use only a portion of the original image.

Crop with free transform

Use handles in the preview image to crop.


 Device Responsiveness


Brazen’s platform is optimized for all devices and the landing page layout will be dependent on the screen dimensions of the device on which it is viewed.

  • The screenshot above shows how the landing page image will look on a desktop device. 
  • The screenshot below shows how the same landing page image will look on a mobile device.

Notice how the width of the screen determines the scope of visibility for the bottom of the image.




1. Navigate to Landing Screen > Design settings for a Peer Networking, Mixed Networking or Open House event or template. Any existing event or template can be updated to the new design.


2. Select "Landing Screen" from the options. Select a background image from our defaults or upload your own.

3. Update the editable fields displayed on the new landing screen by navigating to Landing Screen > Content. Fields you can edit on the new landing screen design are:

  • Event Logo
  • Who should attend? - A simple text field to let participants know your target attendee (i.e. Alumni in Technology, Rockstar consultants, Engineering jobseekers"
  • About the event sponsor - A custom text area to talk about your organization or other details for the event.
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