Add a one-time event or an existing event, to a series

Need to stray from your regularly scheduled Series programming? A one-time event added to your series will do the trick. For example, say you have a series that occurs weekly on Monday, but one week you need to host an additional event on a Wednesday. A one-time event can be scheduled for Wednesday without impacting your regularly scheduled Monday events.

These one-time events:

  • Are reachable using the series link
  • Are not impacted by a schedule change
  • Can be updated when changes are applied to a series

Adding a new one-time event

To add a new one-time event, navigate to your Series Home and find Add Event underneath Schedule. Fill in the required information to create the event. The new event will be created based on your series settings, and will appear on your series calendar as a one-time event.


Existing events that are not a part of a series may also be added as one-time events. The event’s settings will not be updated, but may be updated when series changes are applied.

To add existing events, navigate to your Series Home and find Add Event underneath Schedule. Next, click Add an Existing Event in the text near the top of the screen.

The dropdown will list all future events in your account that match your series type, and are also not yet a part of a series. Select the event(s) you would like to add to your series, and save.

The existing event(s) will be added to your series and appear on your calendar as one-time event(s).

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