How to edit and apply series settings


  1. From your Series homepage, click settings.
  2. Make your edits to the landing screen, registration forms, booths, or settings.

    Tip: The tools used to edit a series are very similar to those you use to edit a template or event. Click here for a refresher on editing your landing screen, registration forms, booths, and more. 

  3. Once you've saved your edits, you will still need to apply the changes.


Applying changes to events from your series settings

Applying changes to series events allows you to update series events in just a few clicks. Applying changes will overwrite the selected events’ settings with the series settings. Since each event in a series may be edited individually, series settings must be applied before they take effect.

When you are ready for your series settings to take effect, select Apply Changes from the settings screen to begin the process.


1. Select the events to apply changes to


Check the events that you would like to update from the list. The list includes all future events in the series (at least 15 minutes away). All events are selected by default, including one-time events.

2. Confirm changes


Applying changes will overwrite any individual edits that have been made to the selected events. This includes changes made to:

  • Representative Assignments
  • Registration Forms and Fields
  • Basic Settings (Title, Subtitle, Time Zone, Duration)
  • Landing Screen Settings
  • All settings (Connection settings, chat settings, etc.)
  • All booths and their settings (including content and opportunities)

Registrations as well as the URLs for the selected events will not be affected.

Review the list of events and click OK to apply the changes, or go back to change the event selection.

That’s it! After the process completes, the selected events will be updated with your series settings. To make further changes, simply repeat this process.

Adding Representatives & Booth Owners to a Series

Representatives and Booth Owners may be added to a series, making it easy for the same users to be assigned to newly created events or all events in a series. To add users, simply navigate to the template’s booths settings or representatives screens as you normally would when editing an event.

Please note that representatives and booth owners will not receive emails when they are added to the settings, and booth owners do not have access to editing a the series settings (only the booths within single events). They will only be notified and/or have access when settings are applied or when a new event in the series is created.

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