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  1. Create Template:
    Templates allow you to store designs and settings for your events and series. Learn more.
  2. Create New Event:
    Events are a particular interval of time in which attendees engage with each other, primarily in one one chats. Events are scheduled in advance with start and end times. Learn more.
  3. Create Series:
    A series is a set of events that occur on a repeating basis. Creating a series will allow you to schedule and promote multiple events on an ongoing basis. Learn more.
  4. Upcoming and Previous Events:
    View all of your upcoming and previous events. Search by event title or tag, or better yet, filter by a time range (e.g. events in next 7 days, events in last 30 days, etc). 
  5. Reports:
    Download Registrants and Ratings Reports across multiple events. Learn more.
  6. Settings:
    Manage advanced settings across all events including Social Authentication Providers and Webhooks. Learn more.
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