Brazen Application Emails and Spam Filters

Why don't I receive emails sent from Brazen's software?

Brazen's software sends emails to users:

  • when they create a new account
  • to notify them they have been invited to attend an event as a representative
  • to remind them to attend an event
  • to notify them they that need to provide booth content
  • to notify them to verify their account email address
  • when they wish to change their password

Sometimes, emails sent by the application do not reach the end user. The most common reason is that the email sent by Brazen is not delivered to the user's inbox by their corporate email server, or is put in their spam folder.

To combat spam email, email servers use complex filtering software that examines each incoming email to determine whether it's spam. Read more about how spam filters work.


What Steps does Brazen take to ensure emails don't end up as "Spam"?

Brazen takes a number of steps to ensure that emails are not flagged as spam and reach the user's inbox.

  1. We send all of our emails from a dedicated IP address.

    Why is this important? Well, email filtering software use lists, many of which are maintained by third-parties, that track the reputation of the email sender. This enables email filters to filter out email that comes from senders that regularly send spam email. Brazen uses a dedicated IP address, which means our reputation is our own. Brazen has a great reputation and doesn't appear on any email blacklists.

  2. We test all our emails to make sure they don't get marked as spam.

    Each of the emails sent by the Brazen application are tested for spam. We use an open source tool that scan the emails and score the email from 1 to 10. The lower the score, the more likely the email will be marked as spam by an email filter. The tool recommends a score of 8 or higher. All Brazen emails score at least an 8 using this tool.


What should I do if I'm not receiving email from Brazen?

  1. Ask your email provider or IT team to add the Brazen IP address to the spam filter whitelist. This the quickest way to ensure all emails from Brazen reach your inbox. If your provider or IT team is hesitant to do this, ask them to look at the logs to confirm the email is being received by the email server and then outline what is happening to the email.
  2. Make sure you have not marked email from Brazen as spam. The steps to check if you've marked Brazen email as spam vary by email provider or software. Here's instructions for a few of the most common email products:
    1.  Microsoft Office 365


How do I Whitelist Brazen's IP Address?

This action can typically only be performed by the email administrator or another person on your IT team who has the permission to make changes to the the email server configuration and/or email filtering software. Because there are so many different email server and email filtering software options, we can't tell you specifically what steps the person needs to take. Any person who is able to make these changes is typically familiar with the practice of sender IP whitelisting and has access to support (documentation and/or live support) for the email server and/or email filtering software.


What IP Address does Brazen use to send emails?

Brazen uses this dedicated IP address to send all email from the application: You can give this IP address to your IT team or email provider to place on the spam filter whitelist.


Why Add an IP Address to the White List and not a Domain Name?

While all emails come from a single domain today, Brazen may change this domain in the future. Add the IP address means you'll still get all Brazen emails.

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