Create and Use Tracking Links

A tracking link is a normal URL with special information, known as parameters, added to it. When a user visits a page using a tracking link, Brazen recognizes the parameters and stores them in your participant report. Tracking links can be generated for an event or a series and can be used with traditional, new or custom landing pages.


  1. Navigate to your Account Home and find the event of interest.
  2. Click on the "...", then select Track.
  3. Under Reports, select Tracking Links.
  4. Click the orange button to Create Tracking Link. This will open a window for you to input the parameters; click ok to save and create your tracking link. You will create a tracking link for each of your different marketing channels you're using to promote your event or series.



Tip: Parameters are used to identify the method of outreach where you plan on placing the tracking link. Here are guidelines to help get you started:

  • Medium: Identifies the method through which the link is distributed (i.e. email, website, social)
  • Source: A more specific version of your medium - the referring site, platform or publication (i.e. newsletter, career-portal, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Content: The specific content that was linked (i.e. text, image, button). This is especially helpful when multiple links are included on a single page.
  • Campaign: The overarching audience for your outreach (i.e. young-alumni, veterans) Helpful when measuring response to similar outreach across different types of users.



To use a link, simply select copy to copy the link to your clipboard, then paste it in your outreach. All links will direct visitors to your landing page.  As users click and register using your tracking links, this information will be stored in two different reports:

  1. The Tracking Links page where you originally created the links:
    - Views indicates the total number of times the link has been clicked and viewed.
    - Registrants is the total number of unique users that completed registration with this link.
  2. The Event Participant CSV, which is available in the Downloads section of your reports.

Tip: Look for links that have the highest number of views and registrants - these are working! Consider doubling down on your outreach here, or focusing on it further for future events. Need additional help understanding your numbers? Contact your Account Manager!



If you're familiar with the tracking parameters available in Google Analytics, you may have noticed that Brazen's parameters are exactly the same. This is intentional!

If you're using Brazen's integration with Google Analytics, your tracking link parameters will not only be read by Brazen, but also collected by Google and available in your account for further analysis. This is an excellent way to link your traffic with the rest of your account and include Brazen engagement in a broader analysis on your organization's marketing campaigns.

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