Drop-Off Note


A Drop-Off Note allows event attendees to send messages to a representative on your team outside of an event chat. If you expect long wait times in a certain booth or one of your representatives isn't able to attend your event, Drop-Off Notes are a great way to allow attendees to connect with your team without actually chatting.

To enable the Drop-Off Note feature:

  1. Go to your Brazen Account Home and select the event you'd like to edit
  2. Click on the Booths tab
  3. Find the booth to which you'd like to add the Drop-Off Note feature and click on the Representatives tab
  4. In the Drop-Off Notes section, enter an email where you'd like all Drop-Off Notes to be sent to.
  5. Hit Save


When attendees enter a booth with the Drop-Off Note feature enabled, they'll see an option to "Leave a Note".




Click on the "Leave a Note" button will open up a new screen where the attendee can leave a message for the representative. Any messages left here will be sent to the email you entered in the Drop-Off Note field.




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