Edit and Manage Booths

When you register for an online event on the Brazen platform, the event host will create your booth, and you will receive an automated email with instructions to login and complete your booth. Be on the lookout for an email titled "Booth Owner Login Details: *|Event Name|*” We recommend setting your booth up as soon as you receive that email so that participants who register for the event are able to learn more about your organization and you can maximize your marketing opportunities.

For more training resources for Booth Owners, view this article.




If you have participated in a previous online event, you can login to Control Center using your email address and the password you created previously. If this is your first time participating in an online event on the Brazen platform, you will receive a temporary password to login with. Login to Control Center:

If you need any login assistance, please reach out to or navigate to our password reset page and enter the email address your "Booth Owner Login Details" email was sent to.

Manage your booth(s)


When you login to Control Center, you will see any booths you have access to for upcoming and previous events.* This makes it simpler to manage and replicate your booths across events, so you can spend more time participating in the event and following up.

To get your booth setup with content and representatives and manage your booth settings, click “Edit” under “Operations.” To access the event landing screen to login to the event or share the event link, click “View.”

*Don’t see a booth you setup in a previous event but want access to copy content over? Email to be granted access so that the booth(s) appears under “Previous Booths.”

2) Update your booth settings 

After clicking “Edit” next to your booth on the main screen of Control Center, you’ll see a screen with four tabs to manage your booth settings, content, representatives and opportunities. Remember, you can always access the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to save as you make changes, and use the “Preview” button to see what your booth will look like in the event. You can always revisit any section prior to the event to make changes and updates.


  • Booth Title: The booth title will be displayed in the event lobby and within the actual booth. This will help attendees identify your booth in the event lobby and is usually the name of your organization.
  • Booth Logo: The booth logo is usually your organization's logo. This will be displayed to participants when they enter the event lobby. This logo will also be displayed within the actual booth. Square logos are recommended! 
  • Social Section: The Social section will use your organization's social media page URLs. This will allow you to add links to your organization’s social networks where participants can further engage with you.  

3) Add booth content 


Content allows you to manage the information and multimedia that participants will see once they enter your booth from the event lobby. Each booth can display up to 3 tabs of content: a Home tab which is automatically enabled, an Opportunities tab, and a Custom tab that you can use however you’d like. To display the Opportunities and/or Custom tabs within your booth, check the “Enable Opportunities/Custom Tab” box.

In this section, you'll learn how to use the following components of the Content section:

  • Tabs
  • Opportunities Tab
  • Custom Tab & Organizational Video
  • Organizational Blurb


Each tab consists of four main components:

  1. Title: can be modified on Opportunities and Custom tabs. Provide a specific title to encourage participants to click. On the Opportunities tab, use "Career Opportunities" or "Our Programs." On the Custom tab, instead of "About Us," "Our Mission," "Our Culture," or "Award Winning" 
  2. Banner Image: The banner image is a large image that is displayed above content in your booth. This is an opportunity to bring your organizational branding to life with a logo or other photo. If you do not upload a banner image, a default image will show in its place.
  3. Overlay Text: Overlay text appears over your banner image. Put a brief phrase here to to engage participants and clearly define why you are exhibiting/who you want to speak with.
  4. Content: Use the quality over quantity rule of thumb when you add content. You don't need to add all of the information from your website to these content boxes (participants can go directly to your website for that!), but should give the participants some background on your organization and/or department. Use this space to provide a brief description, synopsis, or mission statement about your organization. In this field you can include text, links, and images. Remember, participants can view your booth before, during and after the event, . Provide enough information to attract participants, and link back to your website to allow them to learn more.

Opportunities Tab

The Opportunities Tab links directly to the Opportunities section*. Use this space to introduce or summarize your opportunities/programs or open positions. Instead of listing out available opportunities/programs/positions or provide links here, we recommend doing that through the Opportunities section.*

*Learn how these two pieces come together to benefit your organization in step 5!


Custom Tab & Organizational Video

Use the Custom Tab to include any further information that makes your organization stand out. It can include information about your mission statement, benefits, videos, resources, hyperlinks to your organization's website, or literature that attendees might find useful or informative.

The organizational video allows you to embed a video which introduces your organization or additional employment information. The URL for the video preferably comes from a video streaming service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vzaar, or Vine. Note, for the video to be viewed within your booth, you need to add the embed code.  A traditional link will not allow for in-booth video viewing.

Booth Preview Content


Booth Preview Content is a teaser that can be viewed from the lobby when a participant hovers their cursor over your booth, and can help bring more participant traffic into your booth.

The Booth Preview Content can include text, picture or links. For recruiting events, we recommend you add locations of your specific opportunities, as well as the primary desired background of the attendees.

You may also want to use text to encourage participants to connect with you, such as “Visit our booth to learn more about our exciting opportunities in Sales and Marketing” or awards you have won. 2048 characters maximum (including markup), so err on the side of brevity.

4) Add An Event Representative


Adding an event representative is easy, and an essential part of a successful event. We recommend adding representatives at least 48 hours before the start of the event to allow your team to get their profile setup. When you add an event representative, they receive an automatic email with login instructions. If you are participating in the event with your team, don't forget to add yourself! If you have questions about the number of representatives you can add, please contact your event host. Read more about event representatives here

5) Add Opportunities & harness the power of SmartQueue™


Opportunities Section: Use this space to introduce or summarize your opportunities or open positions. 

The jobs you add here will appear directly below any content you added to the Opportunities Tab. To add opportunities, click “Add New Opportunity” and specify the opportunity title, location, and a link to further information on your organization’s webpage. Adding opportunities here will automatically enable your Opportunities Tab, discussed above, and create a bulleted-list in the content section.


Once you have added at least one opportunity, you will be able to enable the SmartQueue™ feature. Brazen's SmartQueue™ technology helps representatives match participants to specific job opportunities, programs or departments in each booth, and then smartly prioritize them based on the participant's background and fit. SmartQueue makes the most of your team's time during a busy event.


Here is how the Opportunities section and the Opportunities tab come together and display in your booth:


When a participant clicks "Chat," they will be prompted to select an opportunity and then answer any associated SmartQueue questions. They will then be prioritized in line based on their answers. You will have access to their SmartQueue scores during live chats.


You can create a series of Yes/No questions that participants will be prompted to answer when entering your booth to prioritize the most qualified participants. You can structure questions based on general criteria like type of degree, GPA, or years of experience, or get more specific like programming language or experience with certain technologies. 

When a participant gets in line to chat one-on-one with you, they'll select the opportunity that interests them and then be asked to answer your qualifying questions. Those with the best responses will be moved toward the front of your line. 

6) Share the event 

Now that you've successfully built your booth for the event, show it off!

The event host for your event will be doing the bulk of the marketing for each online event. We do however encourage exhibitors to market through your channels as well. It's a great opportunity to easily meet and connect with participants and the more exposure the better! If you have any questions about marketing specifics, please check with your event host or you can contact Brazen support at

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