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A booth is a space within an event in which chats occur. As an account administrator, you are in control of creating and editing booths for your event.  

Once you have created a booth, you can assign a "Booth Owner" to allow another person to edit settings, content, and representatives within a specific booth. 

If you have already created a booth, click here to learn how to edit, manage, and create content for your booth.

Table of Contents

  • Create a new booth
  • Add a booth owner (optional)
  • Edit Booth
  • Change the order of booths in the event lobby
  • Copy Booth
  • Delete a booth


Create a new booth: 


On the Event Home Screen go to the Booths screen, click the "Add New Booth" button to begin the process of creating a new booth.


The only piece of information required to create your booth is a booth title. From this screen, you can add additional information like a booth logo, booth owner, and your organization's social information. If you don't have that information immediately available, you can always return to this settings screen later.

Once you've entered all relevant information, click "Save" to complete the booth creation process.

Note: A booth cannot be added after the event ends.

Add a Booth owner (optional)


The admin has the option of assigning someone as a "Booth owner". The boot owner can edit and fill in the content for the booth on your behalf. This is great for Expo events so you can set up the event at large but have the companies participating fill out their own booths. The person you assign as a booth owner will receive reminder emails that you can set up. Here

Edit Booth

Once your booth has been created, we recommend updating booth settings, adding content, and representatives (if applicable). For more information on editing your booth, please review the How do I edit booths?

Change the order of booths in the event lobby

Want to re-order booths alphabetically, by importance, or to group relevant booths together? Click on the multi-directional arrows icon next to the booth you want to move, drag, and drop. Changes will automatically take place.

 Tip: For Expo events, list the booths of sponsors higher to give them a preferential spot at the top of the event lobby.

Copy Booth

How to copy a booth from an existing event?

Do you have an employer who has participated in previous events and wants to use the same booth?

Do you have one booth you would like to use in an upcoming event?

You can copy a booth over from an existing event by reaching out to either your CSM/AM team or directly emailing

Please include both the existing and upcoming event and which booth you would like copied over.

Delete a booth

If you need to remove a booth from an event, simply click on the trash icon next to the booth you want to delete. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the booth and see a message that the booth was successfully deleted once confirmed.

Booths cannot be deleted during a live event or after an event ends.


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