How do I create registration forms?

In Control Center, when you create a new event, registration form(s) are automatically created. If you created a brand new event, the default fields that automatically populate on the registration form are based on the event type you selected. If you copied from an existing event, the registration form from the previous event will be carried over to the new event.

As an Account Administrator, you have the ability to edit registration forms (detailed below). Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Form length: We recommend using 12-15 questions on the event registration form at most. Long forms can deter participants from completing the registration process.
  • Consistency: Registration forms provide valuable data that can offer great insight when analyzed across multiple events. Using the same fields across each form helps you collect high quality demographic data.
  • Field Types: A best practice for data collection is to offer standard responses for participants to select from instead of open text fields. For example, for "years of experience," a dropdown field offering several different ranges (0 years, 1-2 years, 3-6 years, 7-10 years, 11+ years) will make data collection and analysis much easier than an open text field where you may get a wide variety of answers (7 years, 7 yrs, seven years, 7, 84 months).
  • Required fields: Certain fields make sense to require (e.g. Headline, City), whereas others may deter participants from completing the registration process. For example, requiring a resume may prevent passive candidates or those signing up on a mobile device from registering.
  • Profile picture: Including a profile picture personalizes the private chat experience.

To add a new field*:

  1. Login to Control Center
  2. Click "Manage" then "Edit" next to the event you want edit
  3. On the left hand sidebar, navigate to "Registration"
  4. Click the form you would like to edit
  5. Click "Add Field"

To edit an existing field*:

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 above
  2. Locate the field you would like to edit, and click the box with the pencil to the right side of the field (Figure 1.1)
  3. Make desired edits on the right sidebar of page
  4. Click "Save"



  1. Field Type: Determines the format of the field being created.
  2. Field Label: The label is shown on the form itself and is typically a short description of the field. For example, "First name", "City", “Experience level?”, etc.
  3. Required Field: Check the box if you would like a field to be required to complete and enter the event.
  4. Instructions for Users: Help clarify a field’s parameters. For example, “Please type N/A if this question does not apply to you”, etc.
  5. Default Value: If desired, you may include a default value that will display in the field on the registration form and only be altered if actively done so by a user. For example, next to the question "Citizenship" you might enter "U.S. Citizen" as the default value.
  6. Boxes that are checked by default:
    • Editable after registration is submitted: You may determine if users can edit their answer after submitting their registration the first time. This is helpful to leave checked in case a participant needs to update their information later.
    • Display on Profile: You have the ability to show certain fields during the chat event. 
  7. Your current list of fields and the order they appear in. You can click and drag each field to change the order in which they appear on your registration form.

For more information on registration forms, see "How do I edit event registration forms?


*Note: open house, expo and peer networking events only have one registration form. Reps assigned to booths in open house and expo events will fill out a representative profile that cannot be customized. Mixed networking events have two registration forms - one for each participant group.

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