What documents can users upload during registration?

The two most common fields that may require attendees to upload a document are:

  • Profile Picture 
  • Resume

To edit the registration form before the event begins, you can login to your Brazen Control Center and click on the specific event for which you’d like to edit the registration form. For all other event types, you will only have one option under the registration section of the control center. 

Note: For Expo events, you will have two registration form options to edit: Participant Registration and Representative Registration.

Depending on what fields you include in your registration form, participants and representatives within the event can upload certain documents to aid in filling out their profile. All information that is uploaded into the registration form by participants will become reportable data for your organization, and the representative will have access to this information during their chat and after their live chats. 

If you would like participants to upload a document like a resume or cover letter when registering for your event, click to add a field to your registration form within your Brazen Control Center, under “Field Type” on the right side of the screen and choose either "File Upload" or "Embedded Document".


Note: The above fields can not be edited 15 minutes before the event start time. The candidate may also edit this and upload the resume during the event within the Event Registration tab. Please see the candidate’s view below for your reference. 


 Embedded Document

If you want to view the file within the chat select "Resume,” then View Full Size or Download PDF. When a participant uploads a document, representatives will be able to view that document directly inside of the one on one chats by clicking on the Resume on the right side of the chat window (see below image). 


Note: You can only have one Embedded Document field on a registration form.

File Upload

"File Upload" allows participants to upload a document which will be accessible during live one on one chats through a link.

When clicked, the candidate’s resume will go into full screen mode on your event browser. Please see the image below. 


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