How to use the series links


Series links direct users to the next scheduled event in the series. While the destination of a series link will dynamically update as your series occurs, the URL will not change, meaning you can place the series link on your website and not be required to update it each time you host an event.

To find and utilize the series link, first navigate to your series home.

On the left side of the page, select Series URLs. There you will find two links: Next Event and Next Event Login.


Next Event will direct users to the landing screen for the next event in the series, while Next Event Login will direct users to - you guessed it - the login screen for the next event in the series.

Now simply copy and place the links everywhere you plan to promote your series! We recommend using series links on your website, job board, alumni community, or any other system where you regularly. Additionally, using series links in email, social or other digital marketing ensures users always end up at the next event in your series, regardless of when they click your links.


Does the series link ever change?
The series link will never change. This allows you to use the series link in many different areas without needing to update it.

Does the series link continue to work if I delete an event, edit my schedule or add a one-time event?
Yes! The series link will automatically update when events are deleted, added, or your schedule is altered. When the next event in the series changes, it will immediately begin directing users to that event.

When does the series link begin directing to a new event?
When an event is currently live, it is still considered the next event in the series. Once that event ends, the next event will be displayed via the series link. Here are a few examples, based on the following series schedule:

  • Series Event A: Wednesday, June 15 12pm - 1pm
  • Series Event B: Wednesday, June 22 12pm - 1pm
  • Series Event C: Wednesday, June 29 12pm - 1pm

If a user clicks the series link anytime before Wednesday, June 15 at 1pm, they will be directed to Event A. If a user clicks the series link after 1pm on June 15, but before 1pm on June 22, they will be directed to Event B. After 1pm on June 22, the link will begin directing to Event C.

What happens if I have no more events scheduled in my series?
If no future events are scheduled in the series, the series link will direct users to the most recent event. You should edit your schedule or add a one-time event!

Can I still promote an individual event without using the series link?
Yes, each event still has a unique link that will send users directly to it, regardless of when it is scheduled to occur in the series. You can find each event’s unique link on the event home.

Can I use tracking parameters with the series links?
As of July 18 2016, you can now create tracking links for series.  Creating a tracking link for a series is the same as creating a tracking link for an event.

  1. Go into the event edit screen
  2. Click "Reports" and then "Tracking Links"
  3. Click "Create Tracking Link"
  4. Complete the requested information to create your tracking link
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