User Home


What information will I be able to see?

  • You will now view your User Home upon logging into Brazen. Here you can:
    • access the events you’ve been invited to attend
    • access the events you’ve registered to attend
    • access the events you’ve attended
    • access the account that you administer
  • As an an Admin, you will be access your Account Home from this screen. Simply click on your “Account Name” and logo and you will be taken to your Account Home.

Alternatively, prefer to see your Account Home when you log into Control Center instead?

Simply check the box labeled “Make this screen your home” on any Account Home screen to set it as your preferred home screen.




How will this affect Representatives, Booth Owners & Participants of my events?

User Home is available to all Brazen users. You can access your user home by either visiting and clicking the "Login" button in the top menu bar, or by logging into Control Center at

User Home will keep track of the events you are registered for, have attended, or have been invited to attend as a Representative. The same goes for Participants of your events. Users who are assigned as Booth Owners will be able to view and edit the booths to which they have been assigned.

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