Brazen's Refreshed Event Experience

On February 3, 2020, Brazen released an improved virtual event experience for both recruiters and candidates. All previous virtual event functionality carries over to the new interface, along with a number of improvements like:


Simplified Event Navigation

A new left hand navigation panel allows you to easily navigate the event. Access your booths and rep profile, manage your chat availability, and view your chat history all from the navigation panel.


Streamlined Chat Management

We heard you wanted a better way to manage your chats, and now you’ll be able to! Using the new “Manage your chats” link found on the left hand navigation panel you can search for booths, make yourself available to chat in multiple booths and more - all in just a few clicks. 


And don’t worry - you can still enter each booth individually and click the green chat button to accept new chats.


Improved Booth & Discussion Feed* User Interface

Attendees can now quickly access the available features within a booth using the tabs on the right side. Simply click the tab to find information on the Booth Representatives, to participate in the Discussion Feed, as well as to view the booth and event content. 


*Don’t see the discussion feed tab in your event? Not to worry. This feature just was not enabled by your Brazen event administrator.


We’re excited about these updates, and we hope you are as well! Please reach out to your Account Manager or if you have any questions or need assistance navigating within your future events.

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