Video Broadcast Host Role


Video Broadcast Host Overview

As a Video Broadcast Host, you are mainly responsible for coordinating the logistics of the broadcast. You may be the main person presenting during the live broadcast or there could be up to 3 additional Presenters as well. 

You are solely responsible for: 

  • Starting the live broadcast
  • Recording the broadcast (if desired)
  • Adjusting the screen layout if a screen is being shared
  • Ending the broadcast

Both the Host and Presenters have the ability to:

  • Interact privately with one another via the camera starting 60 mins prior to the event
  • Broadcast live to event attendees via your camera & microphone or microphone only
  • Share your screen with event attendees during the live broadcast
    • Only 1 screen can be shared at a time

 Check out this article for some best practices to keep in mind while broadcasting.

Required Steps to Get Started

Perform the service checks below using the network and the device (laptop, desktop, etc.) that you will use for Hosting the live Video Broadcast:


If you see errors on any of these checks the first steps to troubleshoot are to:  

  • Allow your browser to access your camera and microphone
    • Chrome
      • NOTE: Using Chrome on a Windows device is not currently supported because of a known bug in Chrome. Google has stated the bug will be fixed in their next version of Chrome due out in May 2020.
    • Safari 
    • Firefox
    • Edge
      • NOTE: Older, non-Chromium versions of Microsoft Edge (versions less than 79) do not support screen sharing capabilities


After performing the steps above, run both service checks again. If you still see errors please send the following information to

  • The orange Rebrandly link displayed at the top of the Brazen Service Check page
  • The results from the TokBox Service Check by:
    1. Clicking “Run Test”
    2. Waiting to complete
    3. Scrolling to bottom and click “Save this data as simple text”
    4. Copying-pasting results in email 


If Brazen is unable to resolve the issue directly, you’ll need to work with your IT department to resolve by referencing the Technical Requirements PDF.  


Before the Live Broadcast

  1. Ensure you have a strong network connection 
  2. Log in to the event and look for the “Your booth” icon on your assigned video broadcast booth
    • If the event only has one booth, you will automatically be placed in the booth
  3. Enter your video broadcast booth and click the button to enable your camera
    • You can enable your camera & microphone beginning 60 mins prior to the event start time.
    • Before you start the broadcast, you can communicate privately with other Presenter(s) via the camera 
  4. Pay attention to the number of viewers in your booth displayed on the right side of your screen so you can decide when it’s an appropriate time to start the broadcast
    • A broadcast schedule is displayed in the event lobby and attendees will be notified when the broadcast is about to begin

NOTE: Once the event begins your screen will automatically refresh and you’ll need to re-enter your assigned video broadcast booth and re-enable your camera


Enter your assigned booth and enable your camera:



Communicate privately with other Presenters before starting the broadcast:



Starting the Live Broadcast

  • Once you and other Presenter(s) are ready to begin, click the gears icon and choose to start the broadcast. 
  • Attendees in your booth will automatically begin viewing
    • Event attendees not in your booth will be notified your broadcast is live
  • Upon confirming you’re ready to start the broadcast the “Broadcast Status” at top of your screen will display as “Live”
  • NOTE: You can start the broadcast without enabling your camera if you would only like attendees to see and hear the other Presenter(s).

Starting the live broadcast:


During the Live Broadcast

  • Once the broadcast is live you will have the option to record the broadcast via the highlighted gears icon
  • Viewers will see your live broadcast on a 15 second delay
    • Host & Presenters see and hear each other in real time without any delay
    • Because of this delay - if you need to stop and restart a broadcast it’s recommended to wait at least 30 seconds to restart the broadcast after stopping.
  • You have the controls available to:
    • Start or stop recording
    • Share your screen
    • Disable your camera 
    • Mute your microphone
    • Stop your camera, mic and screen share
      • Doing so would completely remove you from the stream and the attendees would only see and hear the other Presenter(s)


Host controls during the live broadcast:


Ending the Live Broadcast

  • When you’re ready to end, click the gears icon and select to end the live broadcast. This will also end the recording (if enabled)
    • Your broadcast will automatically end at 15 mins past the event end time. You will be notified when there is 5 mins remaining in the event if the broadcast is still live. 
  • Upon confirming you’re ready to end the broadcast the “Broadcast Status” at top of your screen will display as “Ended” 


Ending the live broadcast:


After the Live Broadcast

  • You can still communicate privately with other Presenter(s) via camera until the event ends
  • Once you’re done, simply leave the booth or log out of the event 
  • Your Brazen Account Admin will have access to download an mp4 file of the recorded broadcast shortly after it ends
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