What is QuickChat?

QuickChat is a feature that allows interested candidates who are not ready to apply, to chat with a recruiter in a text-based chat at any time. This provides a convenient engagement option for candidates who are more passive and/or may have questions before they apply.  Since an average of 10-20%+ of candidates who use QuickChat tend to receive an offer, this helps recruiters engage & hire more quality candidates, faster. 

For example, recruiters receiving an average of 5 applicants per week may use QuickChat to engage an additional average of 2-3 leads per week, and move those quality candidates in applicants and hires, as well. 

The feature can be enabled by installing a plugin on your career site or job pages, or by using custom landing pages that are promoted to candidates:

Example of QuickChat on a job page:



Example of QuickChat on a custom landing page:



As a recruiter, you can manage your jobs and select which of your reqs you’d like to offer the QuickChat option on.

You can also add custom qualifying questions to surface the best candidates. Only when the job seeker passes your req-specific questions will they be connected with you in a chat.

Recruiters can manage their availability and respond at their convenience. If you step away from your desk, candidates can leave you a message and you’ll be notified by email so you can continue the conversation when you’re ready. Candidates can QuickChat with recruiters via SMS or on their web browsers.

To get started with QuickChat, simply follow the instructions in this article. If you are interested in setting up QuickChat but do not yet have the Brazen plugin installed, please reach out to your Brazen Account Manager.

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