Qualifying Signups who Failed a Knockout Question

As an account admin, you have the ability to Reset or Qualify anyone who signed up for an event but failed one or more of the knockout questions.

Resetting a user

Resetting a user who failed a knockout question means that the initial answers the user gave when signing up will be cancelled, and the user will be able to start over.

If you’d like to give a user another chance to answer your knockout questions, just Reset them (see instructions below), and reach out to them to let them know that they can use the same registration link to answer the knockout questions again.

Qualifying a user

Qualifying a user who failed a knockout question means that whatever answers the user initially gave will be overridden, and the user will be able to move on to Event Registration without having to answer your knockout questions again.

If you’d like to override any answers that prevented the user from registering for your event, just Qualify them (see instructions below), and let them know that if they refresh the original registration link, they will be able to move past the knockout questions and on to registration.

To Qualify or Reset a user:

  1. In your Brazen account home, click on the upcoming event for which the user signed up
  2. Click on the Registration tab
  3. Under Registration, click Pre-Qualification Settings
  4. Once you’re on the Pre-Qualification Settings page, click View Results
  5. Here you should see a list of users that answered your knockout questions. Find the user you’d like to Reset/Qualify and click the three dots next to their name
  6. Select Qualify or Reset
  7. Be sure to reach out to the user to let them know that you’ve Reset or Qualified them, and that they should refresh the original registration link to continue


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