How to add Knockout Questions to multiple jobs

We’ve built in several features designed to make it easier for account admins to manage and standardize QuickChat Knockout Questions across your entire account.

As an account admin, you now have the ability to apply new or existing knockout questions to jobs in bulk. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Go to your Brazen Account Home
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Under the Settings tab, click Job Req Plugin
  4. At the top of the page, hit QuickChat Knockout Questions
  5. Hit New
  6. Here you can choose to create a brand new knockout question, or manage an existing knockout question.


If you’d like to create a new knockout question, click New. A screen will display where you can create your question, and fill in the possible answers with the desired response. If you’d like to apply an existing question to multiple jobs, click Existing, and a screen will display that will allow you to choose which existing question you’d like to apply to your jobs.

Once your question has been created, and the Question, Response, and Desired Response fields are all filled out, you can decide which jobs you’d like to apply your question to. If you’d like to display that question to candidates viewing the plugin across all of your jobs, just hit Add to Jobs and that question will be applied to all jobs in your system.

When a question is applied across all your jobs, any candidate attempting to chat with a recruiter through your Job Req Plugin will need to answer that question before moving forward.

You also have the ability to apply your knockout question to jobs based on the location, category, or recruiter associated with that job. For example, if you wanted a question to only display on Nursing jobs in Dallas, TX you would:

  1. Select the question you’d like to apply (either by creating a new question, or selecting an existing question)
  2. Under “Only show for jobs in these locations”, type Dallas, TX
  3. Under “Only show for jobs in these categories”, type Nursing
  4. Hit Add to Jobs


After hitting Add to Jobs, that question will be applied to any job where the location is listed as “Dallas, TX”, and category is listed as “Nursing”.

You can use the same process to only apply certain questions to jobs that have been claimed by a specific recruiter. Just type in the recruiter’s name under “Only show for jobs assigned to recruiter”, and the question will be applied to any jobs claimed by that recruiter.

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