Featuring/Hiding Events and Series

As an account admin, you have the ability to feature or hide certain events within the plugin. Featuring is a way to give certain events prominent placement when the bot displays all upcoming events to candidates. When a candidate clicks “View Online Events” in your plugin, they’ll see all your featured events first, in chronological order.




If you create a Brazen event that you don’t want to show to candidates, you can hide the event so that it won’t show up in the plugin at all. If you’d like to hide an event within the Job Req Plugin but not the Career Site Plugin, or vice versa, you have the option to pick and choose which plugin the event is hidden in.

When creating a new event, you’ll see the options to feature or hide that event at the bottom of the page:



You can also go back into an event that’s already been created to feature or hide it within the plugin. To choose which events you’d like to feature or hide:

  1. Go to the Settings page of your Brazen account
  2. Click on General Plugin Settings
  3. Click on the Events and Series tab

Here you’ll see a list of your upcoming events, broken out into series and events. To feature or hide one of these, just click the three dots on the right and select the appropriate option.



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