Enabling "Apply" on Brazen Landing Pages

As an account admin you have the ability to add an “Apply Now” option to your Brazen Landing Pages, in addition to your existing chat options.

To enable the “Apply Now” option on your Brazen Landing Pages:

  1. Go to the Branding page of your Brazen account
  2. Under the Job Landing Page section, check the “Enable Apply Now Button” box
  3. Hit Save

Once you check that box, any Brazen Landing Page which is already displaying chat options (Chat Now or Sign up for an event) will also display a button that says “Apply Now”.

When a candidate clicks "Apply Now" the Brazen chatbot will greet them and ask for their email address to receive job alerts. A candidate can then provide their email or choose to decline and the chatbot will offer them a link to the application page on your careers site. Those candidates who provide their email for job alerts can be accessed in the Contacts Report.

The “Apply Now” option will only appear on Brazen Landing Pages - the option won’t display on the Job Req Plugin, as candidates chatting through the Job Req Plugin will already be on your job req and see the option to apply.


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