Custom Integration Field Mapping

In addition to the standard fields sent for all contacts like name, email and phone number, you can also use custom fields to transfer more unique data points being captured through Brazen. To access these features, navigate to your integration settings by going to your Account Home, then click SETTINGS > Integrations.


Standard Field Mapping

The Standard Field Mapping section of this page shows which data points will always be sent when a user provides the necessary information. The data points listed in the Brazen Field Mapping section are automatically mapped to the appropriate field in your ATS or CRM.


Brazen Field Mapping

In the Brazen Field Mapping section, you can choose to send unique Brazen defined data points to your ATS or CRM. Simply choose the Brazen fields you wish to send and add the corresponding field in your ATS or CRM that you wish to capture that data. Any Brazen fields without a mapped ATS or CRM field will not be sent. Note - this may require you create a new custom field in your ATS or CRM in order to capture this data.

For example, if you want to store Brazen Last Chatted Date in your ATS, you'd just need to look up the field in your ATS or CRM where you want Brazen Last Chatted Date to be stored, and enter the name of that field in the relevant text box. You also have the ability to disable any of these fields at any time.




Registration Field Mapping

In the Registration Field Mapping section you can set up additional mappings for data captured on your event registration forms. Just select the Brazen Field you'd like to be pushed to your supported integration partner, add in the corresponding field you'd like it to map to, and choose the appropriate Field Type. You can also add a test value to test that the endpoint in your ATS or CRM captures the data correctly. Note - this may require that you add a new field in your ATS or CRM in order to capture this data.



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