QuickChat - Selecting Next Steps

After ending a QuickChat, you’ll need to select the appropriate next step for the candidate you chatted with. Select the “Next Step” dropdown and choose the best next step based on your conversation with the candidate.


Once you’ve selected a next step, click Finished. The transcript of your conversation, as well as the resume, next step selection and any notes you added will then be stored in the History tab.

You can use the History tab to sort past chats by the Next Step you selected, so be sure to make an accurate selection before hitting Finished.

Following up after a QuickChat

You also have the option to follow up with the candidate directly from Recruiter View. Once you’ve ended a QuickChat, click the “Follow Up” dropdown and choose one of the following options:


  • Contact the person you chatted with to provide them some additional information. Write a note to the candidate, hit send and we’ll send them an email from you.


  • Pass the candidate’s information along to someone else within your organization. Enter the email of your colleague, add any comments you wish, and hit send. Depending on what you select, we’ll send your comments along with the participant’s profile and the transcript of your conversation.

Schedule a Followup

  • Use a link to your calendar to set up a time to reconnect with the candidate. Enter a link to your calendar, customize your message to the candidate, and we’ll send them an email with the option to select a time to talk on your calendar.


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